Silicon Highway is a European-centric distribution company specialising in embedded technologies, offering an online platform to facilitate, connect, and cultivate significant business prospects in the ever-evolving landscape of AI embedded solutions.

Our journey of empowering electronic designers, manufacturers, and educators across Europe began in 1997. We have been steadfast in delivering comprehensive services, including design assistance, supply chain support, marketing initiatives, and technical sales.


With operational branches in Ireland and the UK, our Irish subsidiary oversees product distribution throughout Europe, enabling us to cater to diverse embedded markets, such as automotive, consumer electronics, industrial applications, medical devices, and the rapidly emerging AI sectors.

 We maintain a close-knit relationship with our manufacturers and clients, leveraging our wealth of experience in both technical and marketing domains to ensure that the intended goals of both parties are seamlessly achieved, from initial design concepts to product delivery.

We are committed to providing complementary solutions that enrich our extensive European product portfolio. As a vital distribution partner in the burgeoning NVIDIA embedded market, our online web-store has successfully engaged with over 12,000 European-focused businesses and customers who are actively engaged in the creation and deployment of NVIDIA Jetson edge-based solutions.

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Tel: +44 (0) 118 981 6888

email: [email protected]

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VAT number: IE 3714913IH
NVIDIA WEEE Registration: 61310770