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NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit 32GB - 945-82972-0045-000
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit 32GB - 945-82972-0045-000
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  • 512-Core NVIDIA Volta GPU with Tensor Cores
  • (2x) NVDLA Engines
8-Core ARM v8.2 64-Bit Carmel CPU
  • 32GB 256-Bit LPDDR4x| 136.5GB/s
32 GB eMMC 5.1 Flash Storage
7-Way VLIW Vision Accelerator Processor

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Product Code: 945-82972-0045-000

Description Technical information
The NVIDIA Jetson AGX XAVIER Developer Kit is capable to run modern AI workloads and solve problems in optical inspection, manufacturing, robotics, logistics, retail, service, agriculture, smart cities, and healthcare. Plus, it delivers up to 32 TOPS and can operate in as little as 10 W.

Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit is supported by NVIDIA JetPack, which includes a board support package (BSP), Linux OS, NVIDIA CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT software libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and much more. It’s also supported by the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, which delivers a complete toolkit for real-time situational awareness through intelligent video analytics (IVA) and NVIDIA Isaac SDK, which delivers a software toolkit for robot development. These helps boost performance and accelerate software development, while reducing development cost and effort.

The same JetPack SDK is used across the entire NVIDIA Jetson family of products and is fully compatible with NVIDIA’s world-leading AI platform for training and deploying AI software.

Learn more at https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-agx-xavier

The embedded platform for autonomous everything

Get real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) performance where you need it most with the high-performance, low-power NVIDIA Jetson family. Processing of complex data can now be done on-board edge devices. This means you can count on fast, accurate inference in everything from robots and drones to enterprise collaboration devices and intelligent cameras. Bringing AI to the edge unlocks huge potential for devices in network-constrained environments.


Now, you can get all the performance of a GPU workstation in an embedded module under 30 W with the latest addition to the Jetson platform—the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit. Powered by the new Xavier processor, this developer kit is built for autonomous machines, delivering more than 20X the performance and 10X the energy efficiency of its predecessor, the NVIDIA Jetson TX2. It's ideal for running modern AI workloads and building applications in manufacturing, logistics, retail, service, agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, and more.


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how we create autonomous machines, improving productivity, reducing costs, and enabling amazing new applications. NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ brings the power of AI to embedded applications across nearly every industry. You can count on the highest levels of high-performance, energy-efficient AI at the edge in every application—from robotics and research to manufacturing and retail.


The Jetson AGX Xavier’s unprecedented processing power, incredible energy efficiency, and easily embeddable form factor are transforming robotics. Robots of all sizes, for all applications, can use the power of AI to sense and perceive the world around them like never before.

Manufacturing and Industrial Automation

From pick-and-place to robotic assembly and automated optical inspection (AOI), Jetson AGX Xavier is the platform of the future for industrial robotics applications in factories and manufacturing environments.
Last-Mile Delivery
Autonomous machines are poised to change the way businesses look at last-mile delivery scenarios. Delivery bots built on Jetson AGX Xavier are ready for the real-time, multiple-algorithm processing necessary for navigating crowded sidewalks and other densely populated areas.

Service Robots
From patrolling city streets to fetching medicine at hospitals to lending a helping hand at home, service robots powered by Jetson AGX Xavier are improving the lives of more and more people every day. Jetson AGX Xavier’s compact form factor is tailored to handle the multiple processing tasks service robots regularly encounter, including autonomous navigation, object avoidance, image and facial recognition, and fetching and delivering objects with articulated arms.

Warehouse Logistics
Autonomous robots are transforming warehouse logistics, and Jetson AGX Xavier is the ideal platform for this industry. Advanced AI and computer vision processing enable navigation, object recognition, and data security at the edge — all essential components of an automated logistics solution. Jetson AGX Xavier is easily embedded in ground-based and aerial robots, allowing the flexibility to track inventory while maximising employee safety.

Jetson AGX Xavier’s embeddable, energy-efficient form factor is ideal for automated inspection bots. With plenty of processing power for advanced computer vision tasks, Jetson AGX Xavier-powered autonomous machines can handle both routine and dangerous inspections with precision and speed.

Robots on the farm? Absolutely. Jetson-powered agriculture robots are already saving time, money, and crops by using deep learning to trigger precision spraying of weeds while keeping valuable plants healthy. With Jetson AGX Xavier, advanced aerial surveying and analysis of agricultural sites will power even greater efficiencies.

Keep your workers safe and your site secure with Jetson AGX Xavier-powered video systems. Stationary and aerial cameras powered by Jetson AGX Xavier use AI and computer vision to perform inspections, track vehicles and equipment, and alert you to unauthorized visitors in secure areas.

Deliver cutting-edge medical care in the field with offline portable devices powered by Jetson AGX Xavier. GPU-powered image processing on the edge with machine learning software enables doctors to conduct eye exams in the field to evaluate for diabetic retinopathy. Jetson AGX Xavier’s energy-efficient power is ideal for portable medical imaging.

Robots powered by Jetson AGX Xavier can keep your store safe and improve the retail experience for your customers. From inventory tracking to customer service and cashier-less stores, Jetson AGX Xavier is the brains behind the next wave of retail experiences.

Smart Cities
From intelligent video analytics to AI at the network’s edge, Jetson AGX Xavier powers the smart city. Applications ranging from traffic and parking management to retail analytics leverage Jetson AGX Xavier’s embeddable, low-power design, bringing computer vision and deep learning to a wide array of sensor- and camera-based devices.

From perception to grasping dexterity to natural language processing, researchers are using Jetson AGX Xavier and deep learning to develop the next generation of robots that can robustly manipulate the physical world while socially interacting with humans. Researchers, start-ups and roboticists are using Jetson AGX Xavier as the backbone of research projects requiring AI at the edge to usher in a new era of autonomous machines.

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit - Introduction
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Initial Setup
Product Support
Find everything you need to get started and download the SDK at the NVIDIA Developer Site.

NVIDIA Jetson systems provide the performance and power efficiency to run autonomous machines software, faster and with less power. Each is a complete System-on-Module (SOM), with CPU, GPU, PMIC, DRAM, and flash storage—saving development time and money. Jetson is also extensible. Just select the SOM that’s right for the application, and build the custom system around it to meet its specific needs.

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e-con systems - Sony STARVIS IMX327 Ultra Low-Light MIPI Camera (e-CAM22_CUXVR) e-con systems - Multiple Camera Board for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier (e-CAM130A_CUXVR_SOLO) e-con systems - 2.0 MP Multi-Camera System for the Jetson AGX Xavier (e-CAM20_CUXVR_QUAD)
Our Price (ex VAT): €167.08
Our Price (ex VAT): €343.26
Our Price (ex VAT): €426.61
e-con systems -  Sony STARVIS IMX327 Ultra Low-Light MIPI Camera (e-CAM22_CUXVR) e-con systems - Multiple Camera Board for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier (e-CAM130A_CUXVR_SOLO) e-con systems -  2.0 MP Multi-Camera System for the Jetson AGX Xavier (e-CAM20_CUXVR_QUAD)

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